1. Terms and definitions

Оffer – this document "offer to provide consultancy services" published on the Internet at the following address: betfaq

Acceptance – the full acceptance of the Offer by implementing the actions identified in section 6 of the Offer. Acceptance of the Offer is a Contract.

Contract is a commutative contract between the customer and the Contractor for the provision of consulting services, which is concluded by acceptance of the Offer.

Customer – a person who has accepted the Offer, and is thus the Customer of the Contractor's services under the Agreement.

Price list – the current list of paid services provided by the Contractor to the prices published on the Internet at the following address: skysportbet

2. The subject of the Contract

  • The subject of the Agreement is a reimbursable, the contractor will provide the Advisory services in the form of projections of results of sporting events on the terms of the Offer.

3. Terms of service

  • The results provide Advisory services in the form of projections of sporting events does not guarantee a profit by the Customer through the use of these forecasts.
  • Provided to the Customer by the information in the form of a forecast is the subjective viewpoint of the authors of the forecast, the forecast may not coincide with the real final result of the sporting event.
  • The projections appear on the website as of writing, the authors predict. This Agreement does not guarantee to the Customer receipt of the daily forecasts.

4. The cost of services and payment

  • The cost of services is determined in accordance with the prices specified in the price list published on the Internet at the following address:
  • Services are provided in full provided they are 100% (one hundred percent) of their payment by the Customer. Payment by the Customer for services performed on the website betfaq system of receiving electronic payments.
  • The fees are subject to change. Changes in the value of the services shall take effect upon publication of a new price list.

5. Refund policy

  • In case of an erroneous prediction, the money paid for this forecast, the Customer will not be returned.

6. Acceptance of Offer and Contract conclusion

  • The customer shall accept the Offer by pre-payment of the Contractor's services in respect of which the Contract is concluded.

7. Privacy policy

  • Any information about the Customer that is received by the Contractor, used exclusively for the purpose of providing services and improving their quality, and also in order to make the service forecasts sporting events easier and more convenient to use.
  • Making the Acceptance of this Offer, the Customer agrees that the Contractor may send to the Customer information, including advertising, by sending electronic messages. A customer may opt out of receiving such information By e-mail to the e-mail address of the Contractor.
  • The contractor shall ensure that the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect Customer's information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other unlawful actions of third parties.
  • When processing information, the Customer is guided By the current legislation of Great Britain.

8. The expiration time and the changing conditions of the Offer

  • The agreement becomes effective from the date of posting on the Internet at the address betfaq and until its revocation by the Contractor.
  • The contractor reserves the right to amend the Offer or withdraw the Offer any time at its sole discretion. In the case of payment by the Contractor of changes to the Offer, such changes will be effective upon posting of the modified text of the offer on the Internet specified in clause 8.1. address, if different date of entry into force of the changes is not defined further in this arrangement.

9. Duration and amendment of Agreement

  • The acceptance of the Offer by the Customer, made under part 6 of the Offer creates a Contract on the terms of the Offer.
  • The contract comes into force from the moment of Acceptance by the Customer and shall: (a) until the Parties fulfill their obligations under the Contract, or b) until the termination of the Agreement.
  • The customer agrees and acknowledges that the amendments to the Offer entails making these changes in an enclosed and valid between the Customer and the Contract, and these changes to the Contract enter into force simultaneously with such changes in the Offer.

10. Termination of Agreement

  • The agreement may be terminated:
  • By agreement of the Parties at any time.
  • On the initiative of one party if the other Party violates the terms of the Contract with written notice to the other Party.

11. Warranty

  • By agreeing to the terms and accepting the terms of this Offer by accepting the Offer, the Customer represents and warrants that Customer:

(a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Offer
(b) fully understands the subject of the Offer and Agreement
(с) fully understands the significance and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of this Agreement.

12. Miscellaneous

  • The agreement, its conclusion and execution are governed by the laws of Great Britain.
  • Any notice under this Agreement may be sent by one party to the other Party by email.
  • In the event one or more provisions of the Offer is for any reason invalid, unenforceable, such invalidity shall not affect the invalidity of any other provision of the Offer (Agreement), which remain in force.