Ice Hockey

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Ice Hockey is not an exact science. Nonetheless it is necessary to analyse certain criteria before betting on a game.

 Rankings: this is the first essential to be looking at. Especeially for those not accostomed to betting on Ice Hockey. It will give a overview of each team's situation; how good a team is generally. It is the first viable indicator for betting.

 Players present: it's important to note of key players are missing. Similarly to the NBA a team's competence can depend on 1 or 2 players.

 Calender: critical for the NHL. Fatigue is easily garnered as each team plays every 2/3 days. Certain teams can take advantage of this.

 To play for: essential. A team will be more motivated if they are vying for 1st place or playing to save their skin: However less to play for means less motivation which could result in a higher chance of losing.

 Past matches : Ice Hockey leaves little surprises. Thus it's important to look up past matches between teams. What was the last result between two teams? Who won their last meetings elsewhere? These questions should be posed before betting.

START UP - $ 50 

1 Week Subscription
5-7 matches per week
Odds over 3.00
Price 50 USD

BUSINESS - $ 100 

2 Weeks Subscription
10-14 matches 
Odds over 4.00
Price 100 USD

ADVANCED - $ 150 

1 Month Subscription
25-30 matches
Odds over 4.50
Price 150 USD

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